Midweek report

Early in the year I set a goal of posting everyday that was quickly found to be unrealistic. I have resorted back to posting every time I get around to it however I still have that goal in the back of my mind. There are often days when there is really nothing noteworthy to write about other than the very mundane things of life. For example this is really not news worthy but it is the way of my life ,on Monday I used my new electric leaf blower sucker to clean most of the leaves in the front yard. When I say, most, what I mean is all that have fallen and are still in my yard. Not all the leaves on the trees in my yard have fallen so I will probably have to do this several times add to that there is a wind factor so not all of my leaves fall in my yard and not al the leaves in my yard come from my trees. The lesson here is that if leaves are going to fall you may as well have a tree in your yard  since you are going to have to collect the leaves anyway. Because the burning of leaves is not only frowned upon it is prohibited I got large paper bags to collect the leaves in. My new blower/sucker worked great however I found it does not suck up twigs. Moving on to the back yard after the success of the front yard I got busy sucking up the leaves off the deck. In the process I also discovered that it doesn’t suck up walnuts (this is good) . one of the unfortunate parts of this story is that I am going to have to do this several times before the leaf dropping season is finished. Some people just leave them and the snow covers them up however I may have a long wait till the snow comes. The other unfortunate part has just now come to my attention. While I was working I had my good leather work gloves on (to protect my delicate hands) and at some time I took them off and put them on one of the outside tables. As I was sitting here at my table writing I looked out at the table and there were my gloves right where I had put them still there after 2 nights and a day of rain. Of course I immediately stopped everything to go and rescue the now sodden gloves and we can only hope that when they dry they will not remain stiff and hard forever. While I was out retrieving my gloves I noticed that my yard light was still on and I remembered that it hadn’t been working properly for a couple of nights so I took the time to change around a couple of timers and while doing that found one of my tree lights had been chewed off by the squirrel. I didn’t actually see the squirrel chew it off but I have a strong suspicion that is who it was I will blame him anyway stupid creature.  My next project will be to replace a string of lights because one in the middle of the string has been chewed, off stupid animal I should leave them on all the time that would slow him down but then some do-gooder would come after me for electrifying squirrels. That is how I spent my spare time and while I was doing that I was still trying to think up a practical way of keeping track of the wine I have hidden away.  While I am on the subject of trees and my back yard, my neighbour has just cut down all the lilac trees on the side of his yard. Now not only can I see half way down the back lane, but everyone for half a block can now see into my back yard and watch us on the deck or in the hot tub, Happy viewing folks. Add trees to my shopping list and redesign backyard garden to accommodate pyramid cedars along the fence. As you can see there is really nothing going on in my life worth writing about just the same old same old.

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