October 3

Hi there faithful reader, sorry for the delay I have been so busy this is the only thing I could go without doing for the past few days. Ok to go back to last week I worked at driving the bus and serving at the winery on Thurs. Fri. sat at the winery and sunday all day at the festival of the grape the monday  both jobs Tuesday yard work wed back at the winery that is today and I am tired but the wine season is drawing to a close very soon so I need all the hours I can get.

Now for the details. Friday drive the bus at 7:15 -8:45 work at the winery from 10 -2 drive the bus 2:30 – 4 winery 4 -5 get home for a breather, Dale and Elaine arrived and we had a fantastic wine tasting evening at which we stayed up very late and had a fire in the fireplace outside with marshmallows and if I am not mistaken 8 bottles of wine , saturday at the winery then home for a fabulous prime rib dinner and more wine. Sunday I worked at the” festival of the grape” 4500 people and most of them came to me for samples by 5pm I was ready to come home for some wine for me . we had another marshmallow roast this time with individual marshmallows . our friday night roast had mellows provided by my wonderful son Keven however they were all stuck together .there was a lot of kidding about the person he had with him ( it was not Rudy) if there really is a Rudy. Monday I had to drive the bus and then head over to the winery to work for the day before driving the bus again in the afternoon. For a break from wine on Tuesday I did yard work at the “other house” I can hardly remember which day I did what. Today I was at the winery and did a tour which is one of my favorite things to do there. So you can see that life in the slow lane does speed up sometimes. Deb is back working in the vineyard after almost 2 weeks off , right now she is picking grapes and sometimes taking the nets off the vines before the picking starts . during the picking she will be moving to all the vineyards the company owns so she will be everywhere from Osoyoos to OK Falls and Oliver. Add into this mix we have to take Saige up to Penticton on Sundays and Tuesdays for rehearsals and music lessons.

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