September 27

This is the day after my birthday. Yes folks that was the memorable occasion that I have no memory of. Yesterday was again a busy day even though it was my birthday I was working ,this time doing yard work at the house that we wish we didn’t have. Sooner or later it will be gone and will be a memory of how not to make decisions. Last night we had a quiet dinner at home and spent the evening on the deck outside having a fire in our special fireplace table. Deb, Saige, and I sat outside and drank wine and roasted marshmallows laughed and had a great evening. As the evening got cooler we fired up the patio heater and stirred up the fire in the fireplace and we all stayed toasty warm, perhaps the wine helped. I was wondering if anyone was going to call or send a message but then I got some phone calls and messages from the people that are really important to me and that made my day. I went on line and looked up a website that is a life expectancy calculator and calculated how long I am expected to be here. If I continue my current lifestyle I am expected to live longer than my mother. I know that will come as a disappointment to a few people who were hoping that I would go soon and leave an inheritance .That is not my plan, I plan to spend all I have and die penniless. I was planning to live long enough to be a problem for my children but several of them told me I have already accomplished that.   I am planning to be here for a long good time or a good long time. There is a saying that you are getting old if you have more memories than plans, well I do have a lot of great memories but I still have a lot of plans, hopes, and dreams that I am working on. My life is great and I intend to keep it that way.

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