Some thoughts to start the month

Here is the thought : you are a human being not a human doing. So how do you identify yourself? When you are introduced to someone new do you identify yourself by your employment or lack there of or by something you do? Or do you identify yourself by something that you are.  Perhaps what you do is what you are. Do you have an identity outside of your work? Lets go back to the introduction. You meet someone new, how long into the conversation is it before you tell what you do for a living or that you are retired or what your career is or perhaps your education level.  Hi my name is _____ I am a _____. I have often wondered about the relationship between how we present our selves and what we do. If we wear a type of uniform we are automatically identified as a certain type of person, our job identifies us. In a social setting what we wear also often gives the viewer an opinion of what kind of person we are, that opinion may or may not be accurate as it is based on the viewers preconceived opinions.  I don’t have any idea if this causes anyone other than me to think and I didn’t have anything exciting to write about so I just put down what I was thinking about as I walked home this morning .

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