What really happened

Several days ago I gave all the readers, both of you, the opportunity to come up with a good story of how I got this scar on my forehead. unfortunately no one came up with a really good story so I have to resort to telling the truth. The truth is that I was hit on the head by an umbrella, that the umbrella in question was wielded by a little old lady after I pinched her bum and tried to take her purse is completely false and is a vicious rumor perpetrated by those who would seek to besmirch my spotless reputation. I categorically deny pinching the bum of a little old lady with an umbrella at that particular time and place.(she said she would beat the c–p out of me if I said she was old). Bum pinching at other times and places to other people  by other people is totally irrelevant. that is my final story on this event. We are going to slowly move on to new horizons

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