summer thoughts

Last weekend we had the opportunity to get away for a short camping trip. We left on Fri. night and came back on Sun. afternoon. We went down to Oroville to the town campground on the lake and had an uneventful time, that means we had a rest from our usual activities. The only thing that was less than perfect was that the park was full and we were not able to stay in the area that we like best. There are parts of the RV park that seem to be quieter or more private than the part we were in. It was interesting to watch the hordes of small children on bikes zooming around the park and they seem to start younger or smaller all the time.

Oroville August 2012

The other day I was annoyed (mad) at someone,not a family member, and it upset me for most of the day till I realised they didn’t  know or care and it was only affecting me so I am trying to keep in mind that unless I can change something there is not much point in being upset by what other people do. Everyone will some time some how get what they give I only wish I could see it sooner than later 😉 . I sometimes wonder how people who are rude, obnoxious and self centered seem to manage to get along with no apparent regard for other people while people who are considerate often struggle.

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