another day

At the beginning of the year I set a goal of posting every day. It didn’t take long for that idea to get put aside not that I didn’t like the idea it is just that there are not very many interesting things that I want to put out here on the net for anyone to read. I suppose that if you are writing you expect people to read what you have written there are however things that I would like to write and write about that I am not totally comfortable with having other people read. I have several paper journals that I write in and they are often personal thoughts feelings and rants I don’t mind writing my feelings there because (as far as I know) no one else reads them. On my Blog I am never sure who is reading and what they will take from my thoughts so I usually am careful what I write. For example if I am having a day when things are not going as well as I would like in one way or another and I write that I a fed up with my life I worry that some one will mistake that for me having suicidal thoughts or that I am mad at someone. I don’t know about other people, but some days I just get an unexplained sadness or feeling “low”,  by the way that is not today, usually I am fine later in the day or by the next day. If I write about how I feel it is how I feel at that moment and not necessarily how I feel in general. I really enjoy my life and I often say that “I am living the dream” and it is true. There are always things in life that you want to be better or smoother but I really have a great life. This week I am working 3 shifts at a winery giving away free samples of wine(and hopefully selling some as well) I get to go and visit with people ,talk about wine, pour wine for people and talk about the wine every one that comes in is happy ,what could be a better job for someone like me. It is just another day in the slow lane

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