The holiday weekend in August

This was the first official August holiday here in BC And it was a busy weekend for us. The only unfortunate part was that I had to work part of the day on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday evening we had a great visit with Darin and his friend Gabby we had a really good time and stayed up later than we usually do. On Sunday we got to sleep in later than usual then I had to go to work for the afternoon while Debbie stayed home and prepared for our Mexican Fiesta. We had invited some of the Mexican guys that Debbie works with over for a party and also some other friends from Latin America. We ended up with over 30 people at the Fiesta. The guys arrived at just after 3 so Debbie was busy entertaining and getting food for them until I got at 5 then we had a BBQ and we drove the guys back to their home at about 8 and  some of the others stayed till about 10 . This was one of the best parties we have had for a long time. Fortunately neither of us had to go to work today so we again got to sleep in( that means we got up just before 7). today we will be doing a bit of yard work and cleaning up the motorhome in preparation for a trip. 

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