Happy August

My summer is half over and it has been a busy time working and taking kids where they need to be. It has been a kind of disorganized time with Debbie and me working different times so we haven’t been able to go camping the way we had planned. Life is what happens while you are waiting for your plans to take place. We have had some unusual storms and the river is still as high as ever. I have been able to spend quite a bit of time out on the deck and everything out there is looking great. My wine serving career is going along great ,it seems like I always have some interesting customers every time I work. I had the chance to work at “See Ya Later ” last weekend it was a fun experience quite different to Inniskillin where I usually work. I went to a picnic at the Sun Rock vineyard .It was for all the winery staff and was a fun event, good to meet staff from the other wineries in our company. I have been on 2 familiarization tours through the local wineries usually a dozen staff from all the different wineries go on a bus to visit some of the other wineries and taste their wines .It helps us recommend where else visitors can go for particular wines and it is fun for the staff to see each others wineries and comment about our wines. This is quite a change of careers for me but it is a perfect fit and I am planning to take some courses in the fall/winter. Here I am living the dream how can it get much better.

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