July 21 after the storm, updated

Yesterday we had a major storm come through the valley and the town of Oliver really got hit with wind and rain. There were trees blown down all over town and some roofs blown off as well. There was lots of lightning so of course there were fires started by the lightning hits, fortunately in most of those there was a huge rainfall that put them out. The fire dept. was busy at lots of calls at the same time unfortunately for me I was at work and we were so busy I couldn’t leave, also the storm came up quite quickly and my car was parked outside with the top down Sad smile so today I am trying to dry it out.


The wind storm really hit the back yard and did a lot of fruit thinning on the walnut tree.

001  003

this is the pile of walnuts I cleaned off the deck

It gets worse, one of the big branches filled with walnuts was broken off.

005   009

This year we had a huge crop of nuts and the tree branches were really hanging down and I had put props under some of the bigger branches. Unfortunately the wind blew the branches around and the one just snapped off. On the positive side the tree is still standing and looks ok compared to the many trees that got blown completely over. In order to save some of the bigger branches we had to do a major pruning job on the tree the end result is not too bad.

There is a bigger than ever pile of branches to take away.

While doing the pruning I discovered am having a problem with the squirrel that I share the walnut tree with. I don’t mind that he eats some of the nuts but in surveying the damage from the storm I discovered that the squirrel has been biting some of the little lights off the strings that I have strung around the trees. I will have to turn them on during the day to find out where he has bitten them off. We don’t want to have to keep replacing the light strings so I will have to find a way to stop him from chewing on the wires.

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