July 14

Summer is here in full blast and by blast I mean HOT. It has been over 30 every day and yesterday was 40 in some spots. It hasn’t been too bad at night but last night it didn’t cool off at all, this morning it got down to 22 . The town has its annual sunshine festival this weekend and the kickoff event was a duck race, a fund raiser for the Oliver Ambassadors. this was sponsored by the fire dept. so we were in charge of releasing the ducks and then recapturing them at the end I don’t think we lost any. today we have a parade and will have all our fire trucks out.I will be driving the old 53 with all the Oliver ambassadors on it, should be fun. There is a high cloud cover so the temperature should be great for a parade. I still havent figured out how to get rid of the mosquitos in my yard,apparently I am not allowed to use poison spray so I am looking for alternatives. I  had thought of tying a small tasty child in a remote corner of the yard so the mosquitos would go there to feast and leave the rest of us alone but that also is apparently not politically correct. here are the pictures from the duck race ;

the release of the ducks

hazards along the way

the recapture

Swift water rescue team

Fire duck to the rescue


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