June 29 the end of a season

The end of the school year and I am unemployed for the summer. There are certain conflicts that now occur. I have lots of free time but no income that is the first conflict the second is, I have free time and Debbie is working. This is actually 2 conflicts in one. I could go camping but Debbie can’t but Debbie is making money and I am not. What should we do, have fun or pay the bills. We could just rack up the bills and then escape to Mexico but I hear that people in Mexico are escaping to Canada.  I am working part time at the winery so I am contributing a little to our financial solvency but it would seem that when Debbie has a day off I am working for at least part of that day so we are going to have to coordinate our off days so we can have getaways. There is some happy news, the sun is shining and temperatures are going up which is ok if you don’t have to work out side, the flowers are enjoying the sun.

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