June 25

Today is an important day, my oldest son was born on this day many years ago and that started me on a different path of life. Oh the twists and turns my life has taken since that day to get me where I am today, but I still remember the things I was doing that day.

You can tell it is cherry season it is raining. Yes more rain and the local river is the highest it has ever been  since they put in the dikes along the edge. In spite of the rain we went camping on saturday and came back sunday. that seems like a short trip but it was a great relaxing get away. just what we needed. On the way home we stopped to taste some wine and of course pick up a couple of bottles. I have less than a week left of work for this year then I am out of work for the summer. Someone asked me the other day how long I was going to keep driving the bus , I think I should be able to go another 5 or 6 years or untill I don’t want to anymore .I am in great shape so why not?

here is a picture of our weekend camping spot.

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