Summer or at least spring

Wow we have finally got the hot weather we have been looking for. The weekend was great and it got warmer as it went along. monday it officially got up to 29 but I am sure it was more than that on the back yard deck. today it is all ready at 20 an it is only 9am. Friday night was the Highlights concert for the Penticton music festival and Saige was singing and picking up her numerous awards. We had a relaxing day on Sat. that included a trip to Naramata for some wine tasting and stopping to pick up Saige in Penticton, then home to try some of the wine we purchased. Sunday we had a quick trip to Omak for some shopping then back home to relax on the deck. Today I start my new job serving in the Inniskillin tasting room I am looking forward to something new. The leaves on the trees are really starting to come out, we have 2 maple trees in front and the green one is full of leaves starting to grow ,the red one is just starting to have the leaves break out. The walnut tree in the back deck is full of leaves but they are all still small the walnut leaves get really quite big it is starting to look very spring like .The linden tree is always the last to come out is starting to show some buds but it will be a while before it is full of leaves then it will get its flowers and the branches get so heavy the start to hang down. I am looking forward to taking some pictures of the trees when they get a few more leaves on them .

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