Spring is here

Here it is April 8 and I think spring is finally really here . It is time to start a new page of life or perhaps a new book. I will be starting to get some yard work done now that it has warmed up. I was out in the MG yesterday taking some pictures for my wine tour project of taking pictures of every winery in the area. Not all are open yet so the project will take some time. Once I have all the pictures I will get them printed and sort them into some kind of order and put them in the book I got for this project. It has been Brought to my attention (by my loving brother,thank you)that some one played an April fools joke on me that I didn’t realise was a joke and I posted erroneous information about the days of the month in April. Silly Rabbit. This just shows how easy it is to fool me. Oh well I will try to be more accurate in the future.

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