March 24 edited

We are progressing very slowly into proper spring weather.  I had a visit to Church and State winery on Friday for a taste of some of their new wines and picked a case to continue with the restocking of the wine closet.

I was thinking about life and the saying about the glass being half full or half empty and I got to thinking  that when you look at the glass think about your life and what you have done and what is left to be done. Maybe it is a project that is not finished and you are frustrated that it is not finished , think of how much you have already done or maybe you haven’t done as much in the day as you wanted don’t think about the incomplete part think of all that you have done.  I am not sure If what I am thinking is being made clear in my writing. I think that sometimes people are too focused (frustrated) on what they haven’t accomplished that they forget about all the things they have done. Besides wanting to take a picture to illustrate my thoughts was a good excuse to put some wine in a glass.

Remember to Dream, Live, Laugh, Love, maybe some wine would help

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