Just another day in the slow lane

Here it is the 13 of march. Yesterday I had a day on the ski hill with the school.I know it is a tough life to get paid to spend the day on the hill. Actually it wasn’t a great day for skiing at least for me . It was snowing all day and I am not crazy about that kind of weather for skiing and then the drive down the mountain on a road that had been snowed on all day long and that hadn’t been plowed made up for the day of relaxing.

The weather is still crazy but I looked back at the last few years of my blog and the weather this year is not much worse than the past couple of years. A while ago I got a metal model airplane I have it hanging in one of the trees in the backyard. The interesting thing about it is that it turns into the wind so I am able to tell which direction the wind is coming from. I also have one that is mounted on the garage roof and it also shows the direction of the wind, it has a propeller that spins and the stronger the wind the faster it spins.

I had some thoughts stroll through my mind this morning so here they are. There are 3 ways of looking at the past : History, Memories, and Nostalgia . I think that you need tobe careful of how you look at events from the past especially personal events .This is what I think of these three words . History, the actual facts about an event that actually took place. Memories, what we remember (are willing to remember) about events that may have taken place from our personal perspective. Nostalgia, wishful thoughts of what the past and events in the past should have been like. I think that too often we get these ways of looking at the past mixed up and start thinking nostalgia is actually history. Take a moment to think about how you think about your past. Did it really happen like that or is that the way you wish it had been? How can you tell the difference ?


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