On the 8th day we rested

Here it is the eighth of march and in fact I am having a restful day. The school I work for is having parent teacher interviews today so no school bus for me. The result of that is that I stayed in bed till 7:30 so I consider that a restful start to the day. The lovely Deborah is working in a vineyard (which she loves doing) and starts work at 7 which means she has to leave the house at 6:30 which is the time I usually get up. It takes her a little longer to get ready to go in the morning so she gets up at 4:30 I know that may sound early for most people, including me, but it works for her. She likes to have some quiet time by herself while having a nice breakfast and getting her lunch ready and getting herself ready for the day. I usually wake up about the same time she does but then I go back to sleep till it is my time to get up. Today I don’t have any projects to do so I am just puttering around doing some dewinterizing of the motorhome again I think I will go out and have a cup of tea in the motorhome just because I can and it makes me feel like I am on a holiday which is where I would really like to be. Here I am with my tea. last fall I started to have a problem with heartburn so I stopped drinking coffee and the  heartburn stopped so I seldom drink coffee anymore. It may have been the coffee or just a coincidence but I seldom miss the coffee and if I do I just make a cup and enjoy it. But today is a tea day.

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