Happy New Month

The snow of yesterday is almost gone however the day started with a scare of new snow. It only snowed for an hour but it was trying hard. Now that it has cleared up the temperature is up to 8 . We are getting close to the double digits so I can ride my bike to town. I haven’t given up on my daily walking routine and will continue to do my 4k but will  add a bike ride to town when the weather gets a little better. I am looking forward to some time off  to relax, I don’t like to announce my plans as they often change and then I have to explain why I didn’t do what I said I was going to do. I do however have plans and when I have completed my projects I will give a full report. I will say that I am still seriously considering getting the 4 chickens that I am allowed, by the town, to have but have reconsidered building the pen in the front yard. I am a little worried that raising chickens may have side effects such as restricting the amount of time I can go away but we will find our way around that problem perhaps there are small children in the neighbourhood who will look after them for me. Or I could ask the person who is upset by everything I do to come over and feed them that could be an interesting conversation. Yesterdays photo was (in my not so humble opinion ) too good to only be used once so here we are again.




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