February 12

Here we are ready to start a new week and I must say I am ready to have this last one out of the way. I did finish the work week on a high note as the school had a ski day and I decided that it would be beneficial to my well being to get in a little skiing myself . I had a good time on the slopes even though the weather wasn’t perfect it was really great therapy. You can see it was foggy and light snow most of the day but I really enjoyed the change.



Bundled up for the cold. Yesterday Deb had I had a restful day we headed out to Penticton for some shopping and then spent the afternoon and evening at home watching a couple of movies.

This life is probably not very exciting but it is relaxing .We are using our hot tub almost every day now that Deb is working outside, she finds it relaxing to soak for a while before supper. We get to talk about the events of the day and wind down so we are relaxed for the evening. It is almost the middle of February and I am ready for spring. I want to get started on some outside projects around the yard there are a couple of new ideas  I want to get going on.  Looking forward to a new week .

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