February 6

Well we are through the weekend and into the first full week of the month . There is some good news for the town today they are announcing that the province is going to build a prison here to hold around 350 prisoners. It is good news in that there will be construction jobs for the next couple of years and then there will be jobs for the people working there. 

 Today I am going to again compare the weather to previous years. the first picture is today,not as bad as last year not as good as the year before. The first picture is today Feb.6/2012 

the second picture is of last yearFeb 6/2011 

 the  final weather picture is from 2 years ago  Feb. 6 / 2010

two more pictures. This is a new collection of airplanes that I have started.This is actually the second airplane, it is hanging in the tree the first is mounted on top of the garage as a wind indicator.  

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