The Groundhog battle

First, my philosophy for today is:

 “you are not controlled by your circumstances but by your attitude towards your circumstances”. We really are influenced more by our attitude than by the things that happen to us. We have to look at what caused our circumstances. How did we get to where we are? Can we adjust something in our lives so we won’t come back to this circumstance. Or to put it in a more positive light we are in a great place how did we get here? make some notes so you can find your way back when you get lost. 

 Here it is the second of February when the famous groundhogs give their predictions on the return of spring. This year we seem to have a difference of opinion by the groundhogs. In the good old US of A  their Pungsatoni (sp) Phil is calling for continued winter,  Boo, while our beloved Canadian Weirton Willie said spring is on the way, Yay. In an effort to stay neutral in this great controversy I will hope that for us in Canada we will have an early and warm spring followed by a long hot summer, and for our neighbor to the south may you have a continued winter followed by a nice warm summer.  There wasn’t that a nice Canadian way of settling things. The truth is I really hope we have an early spring that is nice and warm and not too wet and a long hot summer. I want to spend lots of time outside enjoying my deck so I am going with the prediction from the Canadian groundhog.

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