The end of the month

The  end of the month is about here and the last week has been busy. I ended the work week with a ski trip to Mt. Baldy with the school I didn’t ski this time I just didn’t feel in the mood and it was cold so I spent the day in front of the fire reading, something I haven’t done in a while.  I have been off reading for a while I just don’t seem to be motivated even though Deb has had a couple of books that she has been telling me to read that she has recently finished.  I am not sure why I have been going through this reading dry spell but I can’t seem to just sit down and get started although I did while I was up the mountain and then finished the book yesterday


On Saturday the Fire dept. had a memorial service for one of our members who passed away a week ago. He had been a member of the dept. for over 10 years and developed MS so had to resign as an active member, but the membership voted to keep him as a life member so he could continue to come to all our parties and special events and to come to the hall whenever he was able. the memorial was held at the fire hall and was an emotional time for all of us especially when the siren was sounded for his “last call” the service was attended by over 200 people from the community. Sunday was truly a day of rest for me although the girls were busy doing another gourmet dinner. Deb started working in a vineyard pruning last week and Saige has been making the dinners, she has been doing a fantastic job and is in competition with Cassie to see who can make the greatest Gourmet dinner. I may be putting on even more weight than I already have.

We still have the remains of the snow that fell a week ago but it is slowly starting to  disappear with out leaving too big a mess



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