we’re back into winter

Jan 17 and we have cold(for us) and snow.

Last friday the school had a ski day so I went skiing for part of the day and spent the rest of the day at the bottom of the hill pushing and pulling little kids up to the edge of the lift so the could get back up the hill. I think the kids had more fun than I did but it was better than just sitting and waiting to go home again. There was not much snow on the mountain but the conditions were really great. Saturday night was the Fire Department Annual Awards night dinner and dance, we had a great time and stayed out very late considering we had to drive the girls up to Penticton for 8:30 in the morning. It had snowed a bit overnight and the roads had a tiny bit of snow. Just as we were leaving for the party on saturday night it started to snow so we drove to the community center, normally we would walk but we were dressed up for the evening, we had planned to walk but decided at the last minute to drive. Monday was another ski day for the school so this time I tried snowboarding I have done it before but this time I did not enjoy it at all apart from proving that I could actually get down from the top of the mountain. I came home pretty sore just as Deb and the girls left for penticton for more rehearsals for the musical “Avita” unfortunately for them especially Deb it started snowing just as they left and it has been snowing on and off since then it is not too deep but it has covered everything and has made the roads kind of messy. I have to drive the school kids to the arena for Ice skating this afternoon so I don’t have much of home time today.  

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