where did they come from ?

This is about my blog, I write the blog first for myself and secondly for anyone who happens to find it.  It is sort of like writing a message and putting it in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean you never know if someone will read it or where they find it. When you do find out where the message went it is somewhat amazing. How did they find it, what were they really searching for, what did they think when they did find it. I know that my Brother is a “faithful reader” (he tells me that all the time) and there are others as well although I don’t always know who they are but what I found very interesting is where the other readers came from. At the end of the year WordPress, the site I post this on sends me a list of where the readers were so I want to share this and maybe it will be of interest and if you are one of those readers who is from far away make a comment I would love to know how and why you came here.  As well as Canada and the US I also had readers from Mexico (not a big surprise)  then we got readers from New Zealand,Indonesia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Turkey, Latvia, Hungary, Ukraine, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, and Chile. My Brother will probably be disappointed, he thought he was the only reader. I am amazed at all the people from different places who have read about what I am doing. Even if they arrived by mistake it is interesting to think of someone on the other side of the world reading about what I am doing, sitting there shaking their head and wondering about my life in this small town. By the way the snow that came on the weekend is gone but it is still in minus temperatures but sunny.


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