Christmas Wishes

My christmas wish to  anyone reading this is that you have a year filled with love and joy.

I think it is close enough to the end of the year to look back at what happened in 2011. The house is as decorated as it will get and I am getting into a festive mood Christmas music is playing the fire place is crackling  sorry I got carried away we don’t have a fireplace. We are thinking about putting one in but that is a different year’s project,check back next year to see if it happened, or read the blog and see pictures of the event unfold.

This was really a great year. We didn’t do the major renovations that we have done in previous years but we did manage a major expansion of the backyard deck. We really love being out on the deck as much as we can and the expansion makes it a wonderful living space, and the great part for me is that I designed and built it myself. Debbie and I managed to get in some camping trips in the motorhome some were just short getaways and a couple were longer trips to events. we attended Cassie’s graduation from high school, Darin’s graduation from college, and Scott & Ellie’s wedding and Saige’s week at the Lethbridge university’s opera school. One of the other highlights of the year was our trip to Seattle for the opera Carmine. Debbie and I attended several wine events throughout the year including a visit by the Lieutenant Governor where the girls played the piano and sang, they also had several concerts in Oliver and Penticton. We have been kept busy but it has been an enjoyable busy and we are very happy with the life we have . On a sort of sad note this was the first year since we have been married that we didn’t get away on a cruise however the trips in the motorhome made up for it. Debbie has been taking piano lessons and is really getting quite good, it is exciting to see her doing so well. I however have yet to find a hobby or musical instrument that I am ready to spend time learning to do other than collecting wine and doing renovations to the house.

We are looking forward to another exciting year filled with love and happiness, and our wish for all our family and friends is for them to have the same .

Bob and Debbie

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