almost the end of the week

It is thursday the 8th and it has been a busy week for me .Yesterday I had the day off which was great because we had lots to do in Penticton. First we had to take Saige to her voice lesson , then drop off the prescription for my new reading glasses (more about that later ) then I had to get over to the dermatologist for my shot. (I am allergic to my skin) then Debbie to her optometrist for new contacts then pick up saige to go to practice for a concert a week from friday then back to get Debbie then over to pick up my new glasses then head home for supper but just before we could leave to go to Penticton Mathew called to say could we pick him up from the hospital ,he broke his ankle playing hockey. finely home for a quiet evening watching ” Holiday Inn” it is time to watch all the christmas movies .

today I had 2 groups come for tours of the fire hall the first group this morning was a preschool group of about 20 plus parents it was like herding cats every door of every truck was open and little kids were everywhere . the second group was an ESL class and they had pots of good questions and it was fun talking to them . hope they understood . tonight I am off to fire practice which will be a fire simulation and hopefully we will be working with the new dispatch on it as well so they can get used to the way we do things. the new dispatch and new numbering system is going to take some work to get used to but I am sure we can work through it . Tomorrow night is the town staff christmas party at which I will represent the fire dept I will do my best to make the department look good .;)

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