Happy December

Ok it is december we can now start the preparations for Christmas ,yes we can call it Christmas. I am actively rebelling against “winter holidays ” “seasons greetings ” and any other stupid things people say instead of Christmas. Any time someone says one of these to me I am going to say Merry Christmas . We have our Christmas fire truck all decorated and ready to go ,the first event will be the town Christmas light up on friday night . We will be driving Santa around town on the fire truck and participating in the light up. the next event at home will be our annual trip to cut our Christmas tree, we have for the past 3 years gone out and cut a fresh tree and it is a fun event to then bring it home to decorate. 

Since it is now getting close to christmas I will be posting my wish list and any of the multitude of readers can choose gifts from the list to send to me  😉  (just kidding) it really isn’t about giving gifts, at least that is what I am telling those who think there is a possibility of recognition from me. We will be at home this year and have only heard of a couple of people coming for dinner, we hope to have a couple of evenings when we can have friends over .It is hard to plan to have people over at this time because of all the activities going on but we are going to make a real effort to do it. It is always enjoyable when we have friends stop by and I still have a few bottles of wine to share. Durring the summer I picked up quite a few bottles of wine from all the different places we visited that I am going to be giving as gifts.

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