End of the Month

Tomorrow is the official start of the season but today I started to get ready for it.

Last weekend I had my first-aid course which I passed with 100% what a surprise to me . I don’t like tests and am not crazy about doing first aid, well actually I guess I don’t really get much chance for really doing the hands on part of first aid. Sunday we had a pretty relaxing day and then back to the regular routine on monday.Tuesday I had a visit from the dispatchers from our new dispatch center in Kelowna they just came by the Firehall to see where it is and what we have for trucks and to do a meet and greet kind of thing ,the other half of their staff is coming down on Saturday to do the same thing. Today I decided that I would start with the decorations I sort of have it figured out how everything gets placed in the yard and it only took a short time to get it all done. there are lights across the front of the house and lights in the maple tree in front and my snow men and santa and his single raindeer. It is a beautiful day clear sky and sunny  but slightly windy. here are some pictures of the front yard.

All we need now is a little (just a little) of the white stuff we had a week ago.

I took a picture in the back yard just to add to this post as well. I usually take a couple of pictures every month and add them to my yard picture file and slide show ,it is fun for me to look back and see the differences from year to year and how some things are the same every year.

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