It is still winter

In spite of the authorities  who think it is Fall, it is really winter. Yes I know size matters and you may have more But I have enough to satisfy myself,we’re talking about the amount of snow on the ground . I will admit that to look at it is beautiful, but to drive a school bus in it is less than desirable, however my day is over I am home unscathed and sitting with my glass of (today we have Church and State Syrah) fine wine. If I had a fault ,and I don’t, it would be that I really like good wine,you can’t call that a fault . I have been accused recently of being a wine snob I am not, I am a connoisseur of fine wines . that is aside from what I am posting about today . Here are some pictures of the deck in winter if I am pushed much farther I may go out there and have a fire in my “fire table” and have my heater on and have a glass of wine just for spite. Or maybe just sit in the hot tub .





the view out my window at the deck last picture was 4:30  the first was about 10:30 this morning

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