Nov. 6

Time change day ,this was an added bonus after the night at the FIREBALL.  last night was the firemen’s 33rd annual party and raffle “the Fireball” and it was a great party one of the best we have had in years..I always think that it is a lucky night for me although I haven’t won a prize, BUT, 6 years ago at this event Debbie decided that she would be able to put up with me so she won me as a prize that year or was it me who really won the prize. We had gone out once and I thought she should see me at my finest and she wasn’t scared off so here we are happy as ever. It is always a special event for us, fortunately we were able to sleep in a little and get a nice slow start to the day. this years event had a western theme which included the firemen’s skit being a takeoff on the old HEE HAA show with lots of local political jokes.(just good fun).food prepared by the firemen’s wives who did a fantastic job and then the dance with lots of cowboy music. the dance floor was full all night. the night is interspersed with breaks for raffle draws with the final $10,000 draw at midnight . An added feature this year that had lots of participants was the mechanical bull ,it sure had lots of riders including me of course. All in all a fantastic night. We have been busy the last while preparing for this and it is great to see it succesful. next week we will be back to our regular activities. I need to get back to the wineries to take more pictures of the crush taking place.

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