Blogging is hard work

This will be my 221st post to this blog, there have been 2593 views . It is very easy to start a blog and when you have an exciting adventure filled life like I have (joke)it is easy to keep posting . Sometimes it is harder to think up what to write. I enjoy reading a number of blogs of people who are traveling and living in their motorhomes and a couple of people who travel occasionally. those who travel seem to blog every day because there is always something new even when they are parked in one spot for a week or two there is a new place to discover. Those of us who are unable to travel all the time seem to post less frequently, I guess when life is just going along there doesn’t seem to be much to write about unless you get frustrated with the politicians and then you can have a day of ranting and raving like I did yesterday. Today is a saturday and there is nothing special going on when that happens I sometimes (most times ) feel I need a creative hobby because sitting too long without a specific project makes me antsy.(I hope Debbie doesn’t read this she will give me a job to do that I might not want). Anyway I am always looking for that elusive hobby that will make me feel useful and not cost a lot and that I will not end up with a pile of stuff that I can’t get rid of. Maybe I do need a dog that I have to take for walks,I am not happy about picking up fresh dog poo but I get upset when I see people leaving their dog bombs on the side of the street or in the park. and I don’t. like the thought of cleaning up my yard after a dog. Does anyone know of a dog that only pees? If anyone thinks up a good hobby for me let me know I am still looking.Maybe I will put an ad in the paper “hobby wanted, must be fairly easy to learn, low-cost,do at home,no expensive tools required,  have some meaningful end result,not something everyone in town is doing. call for appointment and demonstration.

Picture of the latest additions

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One Response to Blogging is hard work

  1. Dakegro says:

    Elaine says build a green house and grow exotic plants and veggies . It will be warn in the winter and you can drink your wine and blog from there as well!!!

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