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Everyday I walk back and forth to work, (I have always wondered about that phrase, maybe it is just me that says it wrong, shouldn’t it be forth and back?). What I was going to say here before I was interrupted and, I am used to being interrupted it seems to happen every time I try to say something. What I was going to say is that I have time to think, sometimes the thoughts are productive and sometimes my mind just wanders aimlessly. I often sit in the bus on field trips waiting for the kids to finish whatever it is they are doing and as I sit I think about life and the things that affect us and how circumstance changes how you look at things in life. I have recently been in a discussion about water meters,the interesting thought that came to my mind today was that the only reason that we were having this discussion was a mater of trust or the lack thereof . At the end of the day (it will actually take 2 years to be sure) the water meter may be revenue neutral but the point was that we don’t trust the people who gave(sold) us the meters. Now I am not saying that we don’t trust them as individuals it is just that we have come to the place of being distrustful of politicians at all levels in general not specifically . Why is that ? (rhetorical question) is it from our personal experience of expecting one thing and getting something less or something else? Are we affected by our expectations of what governments should be doing or not doing for us, or are we influenced by some media and their expectations ? Perhaps the politicians are really not very good communicators and are unable to tell us what they really mean, or that they have made promises that when they arrive at their new office they realise they are not able to follow through on. How have we come to the place where we think cynically about politicians. I sometimes wonder what metamorphosis takes place after the election that changes that person who you thought was really nice into someone who absolutely knows what is best for you much better than you do, and also knows how to achieve that best and have you pay for it. Someone told me there is some kind of electromagnetic device in the government building set up by aliens that changes the thought process when a politician sits in those seats, it also causes them to use 100 words when 5 would do. Yes I am cynical, disillusioned, and bitter, and the worst part is that it is way to early in the day to start drinking,which, I have been told usually causes me to be more upbeat and pleasant. OK I am going to go for a walk and think on good things, and happy things, like they had a revolution in Libia and overthrew the government. Not suggesting, just trying to think of something happy. Look happy thoughts are good for you. I just remembered that I had 3 bottles of wine delivered this week plus another private vintage wine which was unlabeled( Cabernet Sauvignon) we drank that one right away it was excellent .i’m feeling better already.

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