almost the end of September

I keep saying that time seems to go by very fast and now it is the end of the month. I have been reading and trying to study a bit to increase my real knowledge of wine. I enjoy a variety of wines and know a little about them and how they are grown and produced but, I am always trying to find out more about the whole process. I have had several people ask about my favorite wines or wineries and I started to make a list but my favorites often change depending on a lot of factors including what I am eating and how I am feeling and the weather. Wine is such a personal and subjective thing, what some people like I am not crazy about and what I like lots of people don’t care for. It always amazes me that people don’t like what I like .  😉 The kind of wines I really like are those where the wine maker has kept the wine as natural as possible without adding unnecessary chemicals. I know that sulphites are a naturally produced chemical in wine and that some needs to be added to help with preservation but I like wines where the minimum is used .It is the same with growing the grapes in the first place ,I don’t like to see sprays and pesticides used on any of the food I consume and that includes the wine I drink. I know that some sprays are required but I prefer to have things as natural or organic as possible.

here are 4 of our current favorites

One of my current favorites is the Merlot from Fairview Cellers ,another is the Meritage from Church and state. A recent favorite for an afternoon sipping wine is the Rose’ from silk scarf a white that is popular in the house is the “white wedding” a blend from hidden chapel, our favorite “house wine” is the “mistura tinto” from Quinta Ferreira. I think we are going to enjoy the Syrah from Quinta Ferreira but we have only had a few and all the rest are hidden away for the future. this summer we managed to visit about 35 wineries there are easily that many that we didn’t get to. we usually get at least 1 bottle from each winery we go to but this year we were a little more selective and passed on at least half a dozen for various reasons. Some of my pet peeves when going to a winery are : gimmicks, if you need a gimmick to sell your wine I probably won’t like it, another thing I don’t like is a sales pitch, and I don’t like to be told what flavors I am supposed to taste. Welcome me into your winery tell me what wines you have then shut up and let me taste it then we can talk about what flavors I taste. I taste what I taste and if it is different from what somebody else tastes so what .If I think a wine tastes like a banana and I like it(I don’t) then don’t tell me no it tastes like a fig, just smile and say that’s great how many do you want. That is sales 101 the customer may be as dumb as a hammer but he is the guy standing there with the cash in his hand your job is to smile and take the cash. Excuse the rant, someone disagreed with what I thought I tasted. We are planning on another wine tour on saturday so we should be able to knock a bunch off the list that we haven’t been to and then on sunday there is the big ‘festival of the Grape” here in town so that will give us an oppertunity to sample some wines from some wineries .

the sign of a good afternoon 1 down 1 to go

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