Sept 26 is an important day

Yes it is finally here  it’s my birthday !! so here is looking back at a few things from the past year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            we went on a cruise , my mother died(not a happy thing), moved from acting deputy chief to official deputy chief, Darin’s college grad. trip to victoria for wine club, RV trips to Lethbridge and Vancouver , built a big deck in the back yard. In between I managed to have time to spend on my hobby of collecting wine.

What am I looking forward to for my next year : more wine 🙂 more RV trips ,more fun , less stress , more evenings sitting on the deck.

It’s not really a bracelet it is a set of worry(or prayer) stones that I had made up just for me . the 2 blue stones represent Deb and me and the others are stones that represent each of our children and their families. I carry this in my pocket and run each of the stones through my fingers and think about or pray for each of the people represented . I think of each of these people as important parts of my family and this simple set of stones helps me to remember each one throughout the day and to think (or pray) good things and send good thoughts to them. If you think that is hokey that’s ok it just works for me and I thought I would share it today. I hope that whoever reads this can have as great a life as I think I have. smile it gets better.

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