the first day of fall

Yes beleave it or not it is fall , summer is finished ! I am not ready for fall I still want to be in summer mode.   😦  .We had a good fire practice last night all the guys worked hard to accomplish the scenario we had set up for them and did a good job and I think some learned something new. Today I was supposed to drive for a field trip so I planed my day around that, I was sitting in the bus waiting for them to load up when the teacher told me the trip was canceled and they forgot to tell me. I am not good at these kinds of changes. It messes my whole day I have to figure out something to do with the extra hours that just popped into the day. That may sound easy but when it happens to me it is upsetting. Deb and I are going camping for the weekend so I guess I can spend a few minutes loading up the motorhome , oh no, I thought I was on a field trip so I all ready loaded up well  I will make a coffee and go sit in the motorhome and pretend I am camping. I heard a joke or saw a cartoon the people were going to go on a camping trip and the kids were sleeping in the camper .they painted a picture on the window and told the kids they were there. well I thought it was funny and thought I would like to do that so when I am parked at home I could just go out there and look at the picture and think I was away out in the woods,it doesn’t take much to fool me.

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