Sept 17

Sorry about the delay in putting up a new post I don’t know where the time has gone. The first week of school went by in a blur of getting back to a routine with the added fun of highway construction so that I had to wait in lineups which put my bus schedule out of whack so the kids don’t know when I am going to be coming  to pick them up or drop them off hopefully by next week the construction will be done and we can get back on track. On the 10th with Deb and I went on a wine tour which was a lot of fun and we picked up some nice wines and of course we got some we now wonder why we got them. Early monday morning i was called to a major fire at the High school. I was there from just before 2:30 till it was time to drive the bus then back till it was time to drive in the afternoon then finally went home exhausted at 6pm. I was back at it again the next day(tues.) from 10am till 3 pm.  This was the biggest fire we have had and it was heartbreaking to lose the auditorium that was attached to the school. The support we recieved from the community was overwheming.


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