August 21

We are home from our Motorhome journeys. We have had successful trips to Alberta where we had great visits with family and a trip to Vancouver for Scott and Alison’s wedding where we had a great time with new family. The unfortunate thing about the trip to Vancouver is that someone backed into the side of our car and will probably claim it is our fault so we will end up paying our deductible It is my fault for not writing down the name and phone number of the man who saw it happen and stood and talked to me . The police just wanted the cars to go away so it didn’t interrupt the traffic. Now it is time to relax. I really think that Deb and I should have a few days by ourselves before school starts again.

unfortunately I didn’t see this sign during our travels

here are the Highlight spots of the year 😉

Wal Mart Omak

Next Wal Mart Lethbridge

Those are the High points now for some of the other camping spots this year

with the other car

and finally

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