August 16

Wow the summer is flying by. It got such a slow start that it is hard to beleave that in only a couple of weeks school will start and my vacation will be over. There were a few small things to fix up on the motorhome after our trip and I got most of them done yesterday. I found that the step is starting to sag but that will need more than a 1 day job so it will wait. We have decided to take one of the chairs out and put a cupboard in its place, we  seldom use that chair and a cupboard beside the door will be very useful  we are also looking for a small folding coffee table for the motorhome.

It is interesting to see how many people read this stuff. This is the 202nd post I have done since starting back in October 2009.  Last month there were 178 hits so far this month only 38 .3 weeks ago was the busiest week ever with 88 readers that week the biggest day was march 4 with 50 hits in one day . total hits 2316.  If you do read the posts remember to look at some of the slide shows I keep adding pictures and feel free to leave a comment.

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One Response to August 16

  1. GardenGranny says:

    Hi Bob – I’m one of your loyal blog-followers – have been for several months or more now – and I enjoy your posts so much! You will probably not remember me, but we were friends back in the old Revival Tabernacle days, going on close to 40 years now. I’m also thrilled for you that you have Deb in your life – your happiness in this “new life” of yours shows in all the activities you now enjoy. Having myself gone through some really trying times in the past few years, it’s refreshing to see that others from the “past” are open and able to move ahead and enjoy life 🙂

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