August 1

Wow the summer is going past fast.

Had a great visit with Darin on the weekend always enjoy getting an update on his life in the big city. Spent a relaxing day today just enjoying the summer weather that finally got here. Now it is almost 10:30 it is 25 and I am sitting on the deck enjoying the lights in the trees and listening to some music. I was feeling a little down for a while tonight (just circumstances that sometimes get me down) but after sitting here for a while listening to the relaxing music I feel much better . I am trying to focus on the great things in my life I have so many things to be grateful for that the minor things that annoy can easily be put aside.

 It was a holiday today but if you don’t work you don’t really notice except some of the stores aren’t open so you can’t get the stuff you need to finish the job you are doing.  On Sat I did some more work on the Motorhome I had the awnings out and scrubbed them and then decided to wash the whole thing it was a good day not too hot and I got it washed quite quickly in the back yard usually I take it to the car wash but I decided to just do it here. It turned out fairly good.also did a bit of cleanup from the last trip.

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