Quiet day on the deck

The summer weather didn’t stay for long I just hope it comes back soon. I had nothing special planned for the day so will spend some time sitting on the deck. The wet weather seems to cause mosquitos. I had to go to the Doctor for a check up and my blood pressure is up a bit so have to go for tests so I will need to study for them. apart from the blood pressure he said I am in great shape for a 90 year old too bad I’m not 90. I don’t want to get anyones expectations up I am fine. For anyone who has expectations of an inheritance I have some bad news I am wasting all the money I can and plan to leave nothing but bills, not entirely true but close.  We had a quick trip to the coast on the weekend the girls went to a shower Sat. night so we went down in the afternoon and came back the next day after some shopping.

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