There are several things that frustrate me the first is the lousy weather, last year we spent a lot of time out side thinking this deck should be bigger, now it is and it is cool and rainy . The next thing that frustrates me is when I do something that absolutely doesn’t work. yesterday I thought I was deleting some copies of pictures off my computer but apparently I was deleting the entire pictures and there weren’t really any copies just 2 different links to the same place the result is that about a thousand pictures are no longer on my computer, that is very frustrating. there are some things that other people do that frustrate me but I won’t go there today. loosing my pictures is enough for today, not that I look at all of them all the time but there were a few that I really wanted like the one of Debbie that I use as the background of my computer screen I really miss that one it was my favorite picture. I guess I will have to go out and take more pictures , the funny thing was I just got a new memory card for my camera and havent used it yet. I know you are supposed to back up everything important but sometimes you just don’t get it done ,that is the frustrating part.

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