July 12

I don’t have any new pictures today ,sorry. added picture

We had a great birthday party for Debbie no Sunday it was also a “deck warming” everyone had a good time and I got rid of some wine to make room for the new ones  that are coming . Always want something new in the cellar.  Looking at the weather report it looks like we are in for a couple of cooler days. This is the first year that we have really paid attention to the birds that use our bird house and I don’t know if this is the normal cycle or not but the sparrow family that has taken residence there is now working on their 3rd family . They have hatched 2 sets of babies and now seem to be laying eggs again ,that may be normal ,but for us it is interesting to watch the activity. I am going to add a picture I just took of our first tomatoes and our tomateos (not the same things)

in the third picture the wheel barrow is full of salad mix that we just go out and pick and have a ready made salad. the barrel in the middle is the start of the next crop of salad. Next year we are going to add 4 more half barrels. I closed off the grass sprinklers and added some small sprayers for the garden .

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