May 20

I haven’t had much motivation to post .It has been a stressful couple of weeks .We had to have major work done on the car and the truck . I had not planned on that so the money was tight and we have to pass on something else maybe we can stop eating for a couple of months. It seems that there is always a list of things to be repaired or replaced ,if it is not one thing it is two others . We will survive but I may have to start buying lotto tickets or learn how to play poker. On to some happier things ,the weather is finally great and the gros beaks are here in large numbers ,I expect they will be gone in another week or so and then return in September. We got a few flowers and are getting ready to start putting plants out around the yard. I guess I have to start up the irrigation soon. This is a long weekend but I don’t think we will have a chance to get away but at least we will be able to enjoy our new deck.

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