May 8

We have just returned from a weekend trip to Victoria. We left friday afternoon and went as far as Langley then got the ferry to Victoria first thing in the morning.We were the last car to get on the first ferry of the day so we had the whole day to wander around the city. The evening was the big event that we had come for ,it was the spring wine release for Church & state wines. We had joined their wine club and this was their first event. They had a display of raptors ( hawks, falcons,turkey vulture and an owl ) they had them with a trainer and they were flying all around us .they gave a demonstration of the falcon hunting and a demonstration of how the 2 hawks work together to scare up prey and catch it. They have these birds at the vineyard to help keep birds out of the vineyard and also as a way to bring awareness of the birds. It was very impressive. Then we got down to a long evening of tasting all the new wines paired with various appetizers, the meal was a whole roasted lamb. the rest of the evening was sitting visiting with new acquaintances sharing stories of wines . It was quite an event. Sunday we had an uneventful return trip home. While we were talking to someone he said something that I thought was really good. He had just had a birthday and said he no longer wanted things he wanted experiences .

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