March 20

It was a great afternoon for a drive

Our anniversary is past and we had a very enjoyable evening and used up a bottle of Church & State quintessential ,very good wine. We are at the beginning of our spring break and the weather is not really cooperating .Our plan was to leave yesterday for Washington state but when we got up it was raining and cold (actually last night it froze) so instead we took a trip to Kelowna and had a great time and a dinner out together.We will try to get away for a couple of nights at the end of the week ,today we will just go for a drive. I have a plan to expand the deck I made last year so I will get started on that this week . My little airplane that I made into a wind vane is working well but it needs a more colorful paint job maybe that is something else for this week if I get the deck finished.

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One Response to March 20

  1. vern says:

    We are falling a bit behind aren’t we

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