March 9

First of all my motorhome is back home and all repaired ,well the latest problem is repaired that being the generator that required a new voltage regulator. The generator is the one that is used to power all the electric things in the motorhome not the one on the motor. Anyway it is happy to be home but anxious to go for a trip and so am I.

Last September something happened to our home phone I don’t know what but it stopped working (yes we had paid the bill). Our internet which came on the same wire was working and it took us more than a week before we realised no one was phoning us. we usually use our cell phones so we didn’t notice. When we finally noticed it wasn’t working we were busy with my mother and decided that we would just try to use only our cell phones I have my own plus a Fire Dept. cell and Deb and the girls all have their own so we got along all right till we got a bill for the phone that we no longer had so we called and they credited us but the next month and the next 4 we kept getting a bill and we would call and they would refund and rebill and refund and so on. When I got the bill again this month I just gave up and told them to refund me for the last month and then hook up the phone and give me back my number which they did . They said there was something wrong in their system which I think was true because every night in the middle of the night the internet would shut off and I would have to restart the modem every morning and sometimes during the day (see previous post for rant) they phoned me today to say it is fixed and in fact the phone is working so we will see how it goes perhaps they will now not bill me for 5 months the reverse of the last 5.  Although I had a cold this past weekend I managed to get to the arena to watch our grand sons Davin and Kasey (sp?) skate in their first performance. Well that is the excitement in my life.

About wine and wine tasting and collecting

We went out last week for some wine tasting We had a private tasting at Church and State and ended up buying some Pinot Noir and Meritage we also ordered a case of their 07 coyote bowl Merlot .They are now sold out of the Merlot so when we got the case we got John (the church & state wine guy)to sign one of the bottles for us ,it will go in the collector section along with several other signed additions we also went to Quinta Ferreira and picked up some 09 Cab Merlot I enjoy collecting the wines from these places sometimes we even drink them. The really sad part is when you drink the last of a particular wine and think you ill never be able to try that exact one again. The interesting thing for me is how the flavours change and how different wine makers produce different tastes .We have the same wine form different wineries and it al tastes different . Most that we have are from small lots that are custom made in batches of 30 to 300 cases. In comparison to that there are many of the more widely known wines that are made in batches of thousands of cases. we have some really great wine from some of the smallest wineries and also some site specific wines from one of the largest wineries in North America, (site specific are wines made from grapes grown at one particular vineyard) they are usually specially labeled to identify the vineyard. Sometimes the best marketing doesn’t mean the best wine, but you always have to remember that everyone’s tastes are different and the wines we think are great may not appeal to everyone. Hopefully not we don’t want them to always be sold out. Fortunately it is getting close to spring and the wineries are all getting ready to release their latest additions so we will be having some fun finding the new favourites.

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One Response to March 9

  1. vern says:

    Glad to hear your wine cellar is still expanding with some interesting wines. I have another batch on the go so will be able to add some flat land character to you cellar. Also I brought some home from Calf. that should be great. It was only moderately priced at $1.89, will be glad to trade for some of yours………….V

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