Almost the end of the month

Yes here it is almost the end of the month and I havent posted nearly as often as I wanted but sometimes other things get in the way of my plans .

There was a tragic death in our community this week that caused a lot of us to stop and think about life and the end of it . In the midst of that there is our continuing life. On monday was a ski trip Tuesday deb drove to Penticton for Saige to have her voice lesson then wed was back to Penticton for piano lessons Thursday was back to Penticton for Saige to get her braces off  (she is very happy and smiling at everyone so the can see her teeth) while we were there we went to the RV place to see about getting our generator repaired it stopped generating some time last month,of course while we were there we saw a VERY nice new motorhone to buy bet we resisted. If there is someone out there who wants to take one of the houses off my hands I would be able to buy my darling wife the motorhome she loved. To day we went on an exclusive wine tasting ,the winery was closed for the winter but opened just for us so we bought a case and a half of wine to show our appreciation.

Every day I have the same routene I get up get my coffee check my mail and the weather then I walk to work (well there are a few other things that happen) I walk to work at the same time and see the same people every day ,there is the man who is on the way to the park to walk his dog and the people driving to work then I drive my bus and I am always at the same place at the same time and I see the same cars and trucks driving to wherever they are going I assume they are going to work sometimes I wonder why they are a little early or late I seldom see the people just the cars and trucks some I wave at every day the dump truck the other bus the man who walks by the highway. When I am walking home there is a whole different group there are other people walking but there are always the same cars and trucks some are going home after dropping their children at school others are off to work some are just out for their daily drive.any way It is something I have been thinking about the last few days and I thought I would share it with you whoever you are .By the way please leave a comment so I know someone is actually reading this .thanks

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2 Responses to Almost the end of the month

  1. Darin Graham says:

    I am reading this. And i think that if you buy Deb a new motor home, you should buy something for me too.

    • vern says:

      See,Darin and I read your blog. I thought it was to be a daily thing. Do, Deb doesn’t need a new MH the one you have is fine, a new furnace is cheaper and you will be nice and warm on your travels. The news says that they have found over 2000 new planet, now we can stop worrying about Mother.

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