The Great Street Name Controversy updated jan31

There is a group in town headed by one of the council that is determined to change all of the streets to names. it sounds like an interesting idea at first glance but when you start to get to the details it looses its sensibility . At the current time most of the streets have numbers and as you would suspect they are in sequence as are the house numbers. The town is set out in more or less a grid,there are of course streets that are not exactly in line with the grid or that cross the river or a park and start again on the other side, for most people that should not be a great difficulty to figure out . When the system was first introduced 20 years ago it covered a very large area and as a consequence some of the street numbers became very large (5 digits long). Added to that are a number of streets that even though they were given numbers have always been remembered by their original names.  Those streets that have always been referred to by their name could easily continue to be referred to by their name . Changing the house numbering system is a lot more difficult because our town sits in the middle of the regional district so any change to our street numbering or house numbering will affect the whole district. Currenty house and street numbers start at 0 at the border and increase as they move north when you get to the south edge of town the street number is 340 when you get to the north end of town the street number is 368 to think that between these numbers there will be a new set of numbers like a separate island doesn’t make sense. Imagine driving along from the south the street numbers are getting bigger as you go along when you get to 340 and the next street is Skagit. logically what is the next street going to be? Similkameen. and are the house numbers also in sequence ,who knows? so as we travel further north through town we get to Kootenay street and next hillside then it will be back to 368 where the numbers continue in sequence again. It is very frustrating to me to see this happening but I am working on changing what I can and accepting what I can’t. Unfortunately those who are in charge of this project want to make almost all new names many of which have absolutely no relevance to the town. It would be easier to accept if the names were somehow historically or culturally relevant to the town. In a time when other towns are trying to cut back on their expenses our town appears to be  trying to find ways to increase expenses.

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