Day 6

Just another Day !                After I walked to work, worked, walked home, I drove to the repair shop to arrange to take my bus in for some service work tomorrow then over to the fire hall to pick up a fire safety book to take to the school and arrange a field trip for a class to come to the fire hall. In the midst of that I said goodby to Darin as he headed back to college for his last semester. It was good to see him and we had some good visits. then it was off to a fire call and then back home to finish my report for the year-end fire meeting ,we had 114 calls last year.  then back to drive the bus for my afternoon run . This evening was the fire dept. year-end meeting at which everyone in charge of anything has to give a report .Now that I  deputy chief I have to be the chairman of these meetings so I can’t sleep through the meeting. There is seldom a dull moment at these meetings anyway. now it is almost 11 and I am ready to call it a day. That is an average day in the slow lane, I am glad I’m not in the fast lane.  🙂

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